Founder Profile

Nothing is impossible the word itself says
I'm possible.

Mr. Mohan Gandhi, Founder & CEO

Mohan Gandhi

Founder & CEO

My Functions

Actively involved in building human relationships within the company and outside. Motivating the team to aspire and achieve the best within the available resources. Responsible for identifying new business possibilities and to establish successful ventures. Participate in finalising workable price mechanism that helps the profitability of the company.

My Interests

Create a health corridor to the society on a commercial and self sustaining model to ensure people spend their fortune on their personal health as against on hospitals and medicine.

My Hobbies

Writing books, philosophy, travelling, meeting people, spiritual science, health care and meditation.

My Qualifications

  • B.Tech (Textile Engineering - INDIA)
  • M.Sc (Textiles and Management - USA)
  • 25 years of business experience in areas of setting up new companies, project development, joint ventures, production promotions, commodity trading and information technology.
  • Travelled worldwide across 5 continents.

My Strengths

  • Fearless approach towards any complex situations and believing such situations can only give us better profit margins and invaluable experience.
  • Strongly believing in human engineering than the constantly changing technologies.
  • Faith that every situation has a definitive solution.
  • Perfection Pays.

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