History will be kind to me for
I intend to write it.



Varadha Commercial Company was established and registered to trade in cotton and textile materials like yarn and fabrics.


Expanded to import raw cotton from various origins including: West Africa, USA, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, CIS regions and Australia.


Established an IT division to develop an E-Commerce portal for in-house requirement under the trade name Varadha Creations thus integrating into fashion garments through online. Later this IT division was established into an individual entity and named as Vcom Infotech, a pioneering E-Commerce solution provider in Coimbatore.


Entered into the export of cotton and processed cotton exports to various spinning mills in Thailand, Vietnam, China and Indonesia.


Successfully expands into the scrap metal market by importing from Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Europe and USA. Metals traded were Copper, Brass, Iron and Aluminium.


Contracted with a major oleo resin manufacturer in India to supply chilies, turmeric, special spices and flowers.


Setting up in-house terminal to trade online stocks and commodities but was shut down during 2009-2010 after the major stock market crash.


Focus on concentrating on the core areas of cotton and yarn trade after the stock market crash.


Major shift on realty market. Investment and promotions of plots, joint venture developments and commission trade-offs. A new diviion was set up under the name Squarefoot Foundation.


Stronger in core areas of trading combined with larger steps in the realty sector. Consulting, project promotion and new venture development through international collaboration are the newer areas.

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